Hello my friend, thank you in advance for taking the time to read

I am Amir Hossein Sanei, as the CEO and founder of Aval Teb Tejarat Beinalmelal Company, I am a post graduate in construction engineering

About twenty years ago, when I was interested in starting a business, I always constantly felt the need of the people of my country in providing medical supplies and equipment. This need made me interested in this job

And I started my own business activity in this field. At first, by creating a domestic company, I acted as an intermediary from domestic companies that represented products from other countries

I have started to buy goods in cash and then I have started to operate in distant places where most of the companies were not interested in participating in those markets. It was in Iran

After a temporary passage of time, the company had grown and we could consider an active representative for the company in many areas

and it was this

I decided to start a commercial and international company, of course, with the help of the support and professional team of our company, around the year 2019, the company (Aval Teb Tejarat Beinalmelal) was officially and legally opened, and this company aims to import medical goods and equipment from Reputable companies have started their new activities and we have succeeded in obtaining all the legal permits for importing and distributing all medical items

Our main goal

Maintaining the balance in the supply and demand of goods in the market, importing high-quality and high-quality goods to the Iranian market, solving the mental concerns of patients in supplying goods and equipment

These important goals of ours, which have led to our commitment to patients and have been set as a model for our other representatives, are only possible with your compassionate cooperation